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Hi again to all going to Kenya 6th June. (sorry Darren to hear about your loss, its a very sad time and difficult to make decisions). I wanted to find out what others are doing about 2 lots of luggage. So far I have put one lot of clothes and stuff in a small suitcase for the safari part plus a camera bag and a larger one for the hotel in Mombassa. As we need 2 different kinds of clothes for each part its difficult to know what to do. Long sleeves and trousers plus "proper shoes" are needed for safari and more t-shirts and shorts at the beach part of the holiday.

Any help would be appreciated

Sue Southampton

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For the safari I wore vest tops with an over shirt and 3/4 shorts you do not need walking boots as you don't really get out and walk into the bush your on the jeeps most of the time. You will need a fleece perhaps for the evening.

The case that goes on the safari hotel has to be soft sided like a sports bag, as once you leave the airport your in the jeeps and they cannot take loads of hard cases.

If I can help with anything just ask ..You will have a great time on this tour the animals are amazing.


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