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Dear Olly

I know I have spoken to you before but I have just got my information pack and one of the things I notice is that it says take a thick jumper for cool mornings and evenings. The thing is that as we are only allowed a small bag for the safari part of the trip, it does not give much room for clothing let alone thick clothing. Just getting a walking pair of shoes in is bad enough but I cant see me getting anything other than light things in the bag.

The other thing is that we are told we will be met at the other end by a rep from Somak (whatever that is) so where does the tour guide come into the picture. I thought we were going to be met at Heathrow and taken through and that she would be flying with us. I find it all very worrying, and it was bad enough before todays post. I am really anxious about meeting up with everyone and that I might miss seeing them. It sounds as if we are on our own going through customs etc.

I need reassurance that we will be met and that it is easy to find everyone else on the trip.

Thanks and regards

Sue Southampton

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Hi Sue

Don't worry to much - everything will be fine, and you'll be amazed how quickly you relax and start enjoying yourself once you meet up with your group and tour manager.

Your tour manager will be meeting you at Heathrow and travelling with you for your entire journey. Barbara will meet you at check-in or the departure gate, so she will be on hand to help you. Somak are our partners in Kenya - their staff will also be able to help you once we are in Kenya.

Your safari bag doesn't have to be small necessarily but it should be soft-sided so that it can be squeezed into the safari vehicle, as space is limited. So it won't be a problem to get a jumper into the bag. Remember too that you will be wearing your walking shoes, so they won't need to fit in. You could even wear these on the flight to keep your luggage weight down.

I'm sure you'll have a great holiday - and remember that we are here to do the worrying for you!

Kind regards,

Olly, your editor

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I have answered your other posting on the main board..