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Chartwell and Leeds Castle – Some historical information
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Sometimes when I am researching for a tour I find some information which I really want to share.

I have come across a couple of videos and an audio series that might provide some really interesting background information for Leeds Castle.  If you have already booked to do this tour I hope you will find them interesting and if not they might tempt you to book for next year and if you are just interested in history that works too!

If you are interested in the history of this beautiful castle, said to be the loveliest castle in the world, please follow the links (underlined) below, just right click on the underlined link and it will take you to the video or audio series.

Leeds Castle

Nine Hundred Years of Leeds Castle

2019 marked 900 years of Leeds Castle.  This 3 minute video shows how the castle has changed over the years.

Secrets of Great British Castles Leeds Castles

Secrets of Great British Castles is a British history documentary series produced by Dublin based Sideline Productions in 12 parts. It was first broadcast between 3 April 2015 and 9 December 2016 (6 parts per season). Historian Dan Jones explores the millennium of history behind Great Britain's most famous castles.

Leeds Castle History Audio Series

A series of five short audio podcasts presented by Robert Bathurst to celebrate Leeds Castle’s 900th anniversary in 2019
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