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Hi Julia

 Could you please tell me how our luggage will be transported when we use the bullet train. Will it be taken the night before onto our hotel?

Also, will luggage on the connecting Manchester flight to Munich be loaded on to the plane to Japan?

Thank you

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Hi Janice,

Apologies for the delay - my colleague has come backl to me with answers to your recent queries.

In terms of the train; We will be providing porter service (called red caps) at all stations. The red caps will take the luggage from luggage van and send it to the platform. The local guide will ask red caps to assist in placing the luggage on the train wherever it's possible and assist themselves, as sometimes red caps are not allowed to board the train.

I have been advised that you will need to collect your luggage from the carousel in Munich and check it in again. However, when you check in in Manchester, I would confirm this with the desk agent.

Kindest regards,

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