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Costa Rica
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Hi, Costa Rica at the end of the month (January 2020).  Should be brilliant.  Is there anyone out there who is also going on this holiday? Shy
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Hi Carole.

You’re right to be excited about travelling to Costa Rica.
I won’t be on this trip, but I spent two weeks travelling around the country in Feb’18 (the drier season).
It is a truly beautiful country and extremely diverse. And that’s not just the wildlife !
Tortuguero is an adventure in itself. A 1 hour boat ride to your lodge on twisty, jungle sided rivers is spectacular and makes you feel like you’re in a Bond movie.
I spent my first night there and vividly recall my early morning alarm call .. howler monkeys in the trees above me howling as only they can. Quite surreal and special.
If you’re doing the Arenal add on, it is well worth it. The volcano itself is quite a spectacle and Feb gives you the best chance of seeing the top cloud free. There are lots of great excursion possibilities in the area too.
I found the locals (ticos) to be extremely friendly. Tourism is now the no. 1 industry and with Americans flocking there for their holidays a good level of English is spoken. Always an advantage !
The food is great. Fruit is particularly good and a step up on our imports. Pineapple being a good example.
If you’re a coffee drinker you might think the quality is so, so. That’s because the ‘good stuff’ is kept back for exporting !
As mentioned, the wildlife is diverse and incredible. My pick would be the abundant hummingbirds, the iconic red-eyed tree frog and the unmissable, brilliant blue morpho butterfly.

You are in for a real treat Carole. However good you think it might be, it will undoubtedly surpass those expectations by a mile !

Have a great trip.

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Hi Roger, Great to hear about your time in Costa Rica, it sounds like it is going to be a brilliant holiday.
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