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Both Tuol Sleng and Choeung Ek were included visits on the ‘Untold Cambodia and Laos’ tour I did last November, and like Bob and Ian I’m so glad they were, even if they’re both extremely harrowing (not everyone wanted to see them). I’m old enough to remember the news stories, but certainly not the detail. Five of us did the Hanoi add-on to this tour, and took ourselves to the Hoa Lo Prison Museum on our free day - very interesting, if sobering, in terms of understanding both the struggle for independence from France and the Vietnam War, during which the prison was known as the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ by US POWs.!

All in all, this was a fabulous holiday - now I just have to visit the rest of Vietnam - Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City , .....!

Have a great holiday!
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