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Chile - Atacama to Patagonia + Easter Island - 11 November 2019
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(08/11/2019, 06:53 PM)ksf1 Wrote:
(07/11/2019, 12:11 PM)Travelcam Wrote:
(06/11/2019, 04:48 PM)ksf1 Wrote: I have just posted some info in the reviews section ( well when its published) which you may find useful

I came back just over a week ago from this trip and you will have a wonderful time and don't worry about the unrest as the agent seem to be doing a wonderful job of avoiding any trouble and we were never in any danger.

If my review doesn't answer any questions you may have please ask here


Thank you Keith for your review outlining all the info I was wondering about. European plugs don't work then? Where did you get your "thin" pin ones please. Four months to my trip so plenty of time yet. Glad you had a wonderful time.

Hi Travelcam,
They are the European 2 pin plugs, type C that you use in Chile, one lady in our group had a European 2 pin that she couldn't use as the prongs were a slightly larger diameter. I took two adapters and only then did I realise they were of a slightly different diameter and the thicker one wouldn't fit. I have used both of these in France but the thinner one is a little bit loose in French sockets whilst the thicker one fits perfectly.

I bought this one about 5 years ago and the 2 pins are slightly smaller and would fit

Many thanks Keith, much appreciated.
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