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Invitation to India feb 21/2020
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Hi Lesley 
i hope that you, Peter and everyone else has a super holiday  in the Golden Triangle (Delhi,Agra and Jaipur).
I expect that the people on the Invitation to India will have gone home by the time we, the ones just doing the Tiger Trail, arrive to join Peter and the others doing the combined tour. I could be wrong though.
I take most of my spending money in GBP. It can be usually be changed to Rupees at the first hotel. 
There are ATMS and the Tour Manager and local guide will advise where they are, we stopped quite frequently when people had run out of cash.
Yes, it is a closed currency but if you have a local Kanoo Currency Exchange they may be able to get you a few Rupees to take with you. I have always managed to get some  but if it is found on you when you go through security they will confiscate it. Kanoo always warns me. So far so good.. our TM said that she always has some Rupees to take in.
Bank cards-you can use bank cards easily to pay hotel bills and if you buy souvenirs from Emporiums.
Try to get some small notes 10's,20's, 50's and 100's. (100 is very roughly £1). I keep a few small notes in my pocket in case I need them, perhaps if I  want to take a photo of someone and they want paying. This way I don't have to open my bag and purse in front of the locals.

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Yes it's a closed currency but you can take up to 25,000 rupees in and out as a foreign tourist. I got mine from BestForeignExchange who stock almost every tourist currency there is. They are the cheapest currency provider without exception for any currency I've bought over the last 10 years on 20+ Just You trips. You need to tie in a visit to London to pick them up though as they only have branches in London. You book on the day online to get the best rate held for you but pay when you get there. The currencies they stock and their rates are listed here: Their branch locations are here:
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