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Spirit of India
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(04/10/2019, 03:38 PM)YYaitch Wrote:
(03/10/2019, 11:06 PM)Sue I Wrote:
(27/09/2019, 11:04 PM)Yaitch Wrote: Hi, I've had all my vaccination top ups for the spirit of India trip but the practice nurse mentioned rabies but said it's 'probably not necessary as its an organised tour' - but it's left me with a doubt in my head. I just wondered what have others done 
I went to Borneo and considered the same question. I didn’t get the vaccine because I was informed that as long as you can get to a hospital within 24 hrs of being bitten, you can start the course post bite. I just decided not to annoy any monkeys so I wouldn’t get bitten!!
Also I’ve never even considered it in all the years I’ve been going to Europe or Africa. 
I’m planning to go to India and I’ll just be careful.
Have a great time
Hi Sue, 
Thank you for your response. I’d come to that conclusion too after a discussion with my daughter who has done lots of travelling, but it’s good to hear it from someone else too. 
I hope you enjoy your trip to India too. 

Hi Yvonne
Have a lovely time... I'd like to hear your opinions/experiences of your holiday ?. I am especially intrigued by Varanasi.
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