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Global Explorer 2019
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Greetings Intrepid Explorers,

I’d like to introduce myself, I will be your Tour Manager for the Global Explorer tour.
I'm looking forward to meeting you all in a few weeks’ time.

Here’s some information that I hope you’ll find useful for your preparations and packing.
I’ll post again with details about where and when we’ll meet a few days before the departure date.

Travel tips
I recommend that you don't take too much with you. 
If you start with your maximum allowances you won’t have anything left for mementoes.

Luggage allowance
Hold/checked cases = 23kg, try to pack up to 20kg

Remember that you are likely to buy souvenirs or gifts (even if you don’t think you will), so you need to allow a few spare kgs for extras.  All airlines are now strict about weight.
Top tips
You’ll pack more than you’ll wear – so take less.
You’ll buy more than you expected to. 
Having the full weight allowance before you start means no room for any extras...
** If you can’t lift it, don’t pack it!

Hand-luggage – officially only 1 piece of hand-luggage, plus a handbag or laptop bag (or equivalent) = 7kg max per bag.


* Don't attempt to take enough clothes for the whole tour - just take enough for 8/10 days; many hotels will have laundry facilities (self-service washing and tumble drying machines) or you can use the hotel service.
Hotel room amenities
* Some will have an iron & ironing board or one that you can borrow.
* All will have a hairdryer (most are decent).
* The majority will provide a water boiler, cup and sachets of coffee, tea bags, sugar and milk - so no need to bring any of this with you, (fridges are provided in most hotel rooms).  Plus there are plenty of supermarkets!  
So you can leave these items at home. 
* Toiletries – hotel bathrooms will provide soap, shampoo, shower gel – so unless you have sensitive skin or an allergy you can utilise these to minimise what you need to take.

* Passport, plus 3x black & white copies of photo page
* Medicines – enough supply for the duration.  Copies of prescriptions – for customs’ clearance if necessary or in case you need more.  Are your inoculations up to date?
* Adaptor plug (Multi-way: you’ll need round pins and the 2 flat pins)
* Chargers – for phone, laptop/iPad, camera, etc…  (will one fit all?)
* Mossie repellent – will be necessary in several countries.

* Suncream with High SPF
Food intolerance or a specific dietary requirement
* Although noted, please be aware that your choices may be limited in some countries as many do not have an understanding of intolerances or diet choices that we know about in the UK.
* If you are planning to take certain food items with you, Please note: most countries have customs restrictions, so be cautious about anything you are thinking of bringing with you.  ** Australia and New Zealand have VERY strict quarantine laws re: certain food/edible items that are not allowed to be brought in.  I will advise you as necessary.

* Ensure you advise your bank that you will be away.
* There are plenty of ATMs where you can withdraw cash with your debit cards or pre-loaded cash cards.  
* You can pay for many things using your debit/credit cards or cash cards.
Optional excursion payment
If you haven’t pre-booked some/any of the excursions I will be able to take payment in cash Sterling £ or by debit/credit card via the Just You authorised payment site.

If you plan to use your mobile phone whilst away, if only for text messages, ensure you check with your provider that your phone is open to make calls from overseas.
Only 28 days to go, the Countdown is underway…
Happy packing, we’re going to have amazing adventures,


Sarah Wrightson
Tour Manager – Just You
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Im so looking forward to this trip and meeting you Sarah and all of the intrepid explorers. Thankyou so much for this helpful packing guide. It is not easy choosing what to pack, there are different altitudes and seasons to cater for, but the provision of laundry facilities will certainly help.
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