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Flights from Manchester
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I was wondering if you could put a link on the web site and also a list in the brochures as to which holidays fly direct from regional airports.  I particularly want Manchester and find a holiday I want then find it only goes from London area. The brochure doesn't seem to list them and I have to go onto the web site It is most annoying as I am finding it harder to travel to London now and of course the expense.  I know there are more from Manchester these days than when I started holidaying with you so well done for that.
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Hi Tricia,

We took the list of local flights out of the brochure because we were finding that it was quite limiting, because we could only include the local flights that were available at the time of the brochure going to print.

Because airlines make local flights available all the time on an ongoing basis, we didn't want customers to think there was not a flight because it wasn't listed, but actually by the time they wanted to book, the airline had made a flight available....if that makes sense?

So now we list all the airports that we can fly from, but not which tours - as these are all subject to change. Instead we ask that you check the website as that will always have the most up to date flights. If you check the website and there still isn't a local flight, it is always worth giving us a call because if the team can find a way to do it, they will! Smile

I hope that explains things.

Many thanks,
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