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Walking in Nepal November 2019
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Hello solos, anyone else going on the Walking in Nepal trip this November? I have just booked the one departing from Heathrow on Etihad, Nov 7 2019. I also booked the optional Dhulikhel add-on, so 16 days in total. I looked into upgrading to Business Class - it's an extra £2,300 both ways so I think it will have to just be economy.

It's my first time with JY and I am excited like a little kid! Any hints and tips from fellow travellers, or those who might have on this tour before, would be most welcome. I need to decide whether to take walking boots or just walking shoes and walking sandals, and do we need to bring a walking pole(s)? What sort of clothing do people take - I think it will be quite warm during the days but it can get a bit chilly in the evening. Hopefully we will get more information from JY in the travel pack. 

I look forward to meeting my fellow walkers either here, at Heathrow, Abu Dhabi or Kathmandu  Smile

Rose x
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Hi Rose,

I have not done this particular trip in Nepal but did the trek towards Everest in 2003, and am going back to Nepal later this year (not with JY). If you go up to the Search button (top right hand of this page) and put in Nepal, you will find some reviews. 

For my trip this year I will be taking lightweight hiking boots and trekking sandals. I am a big fan of trekking poles (2 are better than one, but one is better than none!). In terms of clothing - I live in Rohan and Craghoppers, both of which are designed for the outdoor life and also wash and dry really quickly. You can also get Insect Repellent clothes from them too.

Needless to say it is best to make an appointment with your GP/Practice nurse regarding innoculations and also whether you will need malaria pills and Diamox (for Altitude sickness). I am lucky that I have an excellent nurse here in Scotland who doesn't let me out of the country without sticking at least one needle in me, so I am "good to go" anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat!

Enjoy - it is a fabulous country.

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Hi Rose,

I did this trip with the add on in November 2018.

Walking shoes will be fine - most folks wore these - the ground was firm and dry on the walks we done. Boots would be fine too but I would not recommend sandals.

It was warm by day - I wore shorts and T's and 3/4 trousers when in city. At night it got cool but I would not describe it as cold. I wore fleeces and had a very light jacket for that extra layer. There are a few early starts so be prepared for fairly chilly mornings. Do not be put off by the early start for the monastery morning prayer - it's a highlight and a privilege. I wish I had gloves this morning as you are up early!

I would recommend poles - as Hils says, one is good but two is better. I was never a fan of poles as something else to carry but if I do another holiday like this, I would take them. A lot of people on our trip had them.

For the afternoon drive in Chitwan, take long trousers and long sleeved top and make sure they are dark colours - khaki, black or grey preferably. Take a warm fleece and or light jacket as it gets cool as the sunsets and the vehicle is moving about. 

I know it's a small gesture but I took with me pencils and jotters. I took small supplies when on some of the walks as I knew we would encounter children in rural communities. They will be greatly appreciated. People often suggest you buy these when you are there to support local businesses (and save room in your case) but I'm not a great shopper so take these with me.

Just say if you want to know anything else.

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