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Flight Options
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I see from the website that on some tours there are now different flight options, that's a positive step forward as for some of us the option to take an evening flight means we can save a days annual leave.

On the Tiger Trail tour for October there are 3 flight options Emirates, Etihad and BA, on the flight out they arrive between 07:45 and 09:05, on the outward flight does everyone have to hang about at the airport to wait for those on the last flight to arrive or is each group shuttled to the hotel as they arrive.

On the return flight the departure time has a much bigger range going from 09:45 to 13:15, so for those on the later flight home potentially a lay in, a hotel breakfast or some last minute sight seeing unless we are all bused out with those on the early flight.

When I did the Hong Kong add on to Japan a few years back there were 2 other groups one from UK and one from China and we had to hang around in Hong Kong airport waiting for the other groups to arrive; this is not a big problem if the time range is fairly short, but if its quite a big range like on the return flight from the Tiger Trail tour I'd rather know before I book rather than find my choice of flights means I just have to hang around in an airport for an extra 3 or so hours.

I realise that this may differ from tour to tour depending on the time range, but any information you can provide would be helpful when deciding which airline to choose.


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Hi Tim,

We usually say that groups arriving within an hour of each other will wait at the airport and transfer together. Our Overseas team will arrange transfers approx 2-3 weeks prior to departure (this depends on time of year) and an hour is generally what they work to.

So for example if the first arrival is 07.45 and the next is 09.05, the first group will not wait and will be transferred separately.

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