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Travelsphere - 2020 Wonders of Australia 30 days
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Hello Vickie
I'm interested in this TS trip for next year.  
Sadly, as often happens, the new JY trip falls way short when compared to that offered by TS - and as I'm only likely to get to Australia once, I want a trip that covers as much as possible.

Could you tell me how many solo travellers the TS trips could take, is there any limit?  

Are there any bookings for the first 2 dates, 7th Feb and 6th March?  Any solo travellers on those trips?

+On another subject, when will the ski dates for JY in 2020 be added.  I understand that JY will continue with skiing in 2020.  I'm currently trying to sort out my holidays for early 2020 - its a real pain not having the ski information, as all the other things I'm looking at have the dates out.  

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Hi Katy,

Generally we can take up to 3 single travellers on a Travelsphere tour, per departure.

For the Feb 7 and March 6 dates there are already 2 solo travellers booked on each date.

We're still in the planning stages of our ski holidays so I haven't got any information on 2020 dates yet, so please stay tuned.

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