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Finally got my visa sorted for Russia next month.
Annoyed that not only did I have to pay for an express visa, as just you were late sending out the letters of invitation, but also that I had no reply to my email about this.
I’ve been with just you on 3 previous occasions without any issues. But this time there seems to have been many.
Do you know when we’ll get our final information about flights ect?
Also can you tell me how many people are going?
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Hi Lynn,

Sorry to hear this. I've spoken to the team and they've advised that unfortunately we weren't able to apply for your letter of invitation until a month after the rest of the group as we didn't have your passport details, which should have been taken at the time of booking, so we apologise for this.

We emailed you on March 5 to ask for these details, and we received them from you on March 14. We applied for your invitation letter on March 14 and it was posted to you with instructions and timescales on March 25. The normal process takes 28 working days or 4 working days for express.

Again, apologies you didn't get a reply to your email, this is because you sent it to a no-reply inbox - you should have got an automatic reply to advise you of this. As soon as we were aware of your email our Call Centre got in touch to answer your queries.

Your final information was posted 1st class post yesterday, so should arrive today.

There are currently 20 passengers on this trip.

I hope this helps and answers your questions.

Many thanks,
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Hi Vickie
Thank you for your reply.
The emails seem to keep going to a non monitored email address even though I use the enquiry email or reply to an existing email.
Whilst I accept your apology that you didn’t ask for my passport details sooner it has still resulted in having to pay a lot more for the visa. I wasn’t even sure the email about my passport details was genuine to start with as it came from a completely different place. I had also asked about the letter of invitation at around the time it should of been sent out and was told that they were all a bit late.
It would be nice if Just you paid the difference between a standard and an express visa

The documents for the trip arrived yesterday
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