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Japan Revealed - May 2019
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I’m sure you’re all looking forward to the tour; it’s going to be great!  Japan is a wonderful and fascinating country. 
Different arrival times
I will be on the Cathay Pacific flight, flying from Heathrow T3 – most of you will be on this flight.  
If I don’t see you at the check in area, I will meet you in the Aspire lounge.
Six of you are flying with British Airways from Heathrow T5 – I won’t be able to meet you as I will already be in flight.
You will all have a pass for the T5 Aspire  lounge.
A representative of the Japan agent will meet you at Narita airport and you will be escorted to the hotel.
Some of you will have access to the airlines’ lounges but you will all have a pass for the Aspire  lounge at T3 or T5.  
If you put a JY luggage label on your handluggage it will make it easier to spot your travel companions.
Top Tips
In response to some of the questions often asked about what /what not to take, I have the following suggestions:
Try to keep your luggage weight to a few kilos below your allowed limit; you are very likely to pick up some souvenirs during the tour so the weight will increase!!
Smart casual – we should have mild/warm weather, but it may be cool in the evenings so it’s a good idea to pack a light jacket.  Do bring a dressy outfit or two, (Ladies: nice dress, skirt/trousers & top; Gents: smart shirt & trousers), daytime dress is casual but we do have several included dinners and it’s nice to get dressed up.
In some places we visit you have to take your shoes off – bring a spare pair of socks.
** Remember:
          mossie repellent
          2 flat-pin adaptor
** Depending on the airline, you may be entitled to a 30kg allowance.  Please note, this makes one case very heavy and you need to manoeuvre your case – porterage at hotels is not included.  Also, luggage space under the coaches is limited and the drivers have to handle the cases, so large, heavy bags are challenging for everyone!
Kettles / water boilers
Most rooms have these and supply coffee/ tea (often only green tea) and sugar, (you might want to bring a few tea bags and some powdered milk). 
No need to pack a travel kettle!
Food stuffs
Japanese cuisine is delicious and you will have the opportunity to try many of its dishes. 
You may want to bring some snacks and sweets with you but there are many convenience stores selling familiar (and less familiar) items, so it isn’t really necessary.
Japan is predominantly a cash-culture, so is advisable to bring Yen currency with you.
Credit and debit cards are accepted and can be used at ATMs, for hotel bills, to pay for meals and in some shops.
Most importantly, bring your sense of adventure, Japan is waiting to be explored.
I look forward to meeting you at the check in area or in the Aspire at Heathrow or in Tokyo at the hotel.
Happy Packing,
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Thanks Sarah. Good to hear from you before the trip, and useful tips. Looking forward to meeting you and everyone v soon. Lesley
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