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Flight tiimes
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(08/03/2019, 04:30 PM)jintzky Wrote:
(07/03/2019, 02:24 PM)lesley07 Wrote: Hi Sheila

I too am a fellow Scot. I drive so am able to leave my car at the airport. I tend use Edinburgh Airport and have done early morning flights to Dubrovnik and Malaga. Don't know how feasible this would be but I recently saw an airport bus which picks up at a hotel in 
(30/04/2014, 04:20 PM)the_baron1 Wrote:
(30/04/2014, 03:28 PM)AnnF Wrote: I HAVE to be right this time!  It's the Canadian Rockies.   When I went to the Rockies and Vancouver last year the train ride wasn't included but I assume that JY is reinstating it because I was told that it had been part of the holiday in previous years.   It'll be very interesting to see the new brochure - which will no doubt arrive while I'm away on my first JY holiday of the year.


So will I Ann,

Looking forward to see if it is included this time. Hope they cancel the Alaskan cruise part of it though!!!


(19/08/2015, 05:35 PM)BGray Wrote: Hi Jenny, if you are too late to book Alcatraz all is not lost!  I did the Golden West tour in 2011 and did the SF Bay cruise.  Although we did not actually visit Alcatraz we sailed near to it and the commentary told us lots about the prison, so although it wouldn't be quite the same as visiting it you could still learn a lot about it that way.  Hope you manage to get tickets though!

Hi Nicki, the age range of JY tours varies from tour to tour - I was 40 when I did the Golden West and I was certainly one of the youngest.  The age range in general is 20s - 80s, with most being 55-75.  Sometimes I'm the youngest on a tour, most times I'm not; having said that, as others will quickly tell you, everyone mixes well together on a JY tour so once you make an effort to talk to others you will be just fine!

All the best,


Eurocentral at Newhouse. This could be a safer option for you. 

Hope this helps


Think thread got mixed up here? Re travelling from Scotland - I too have done flights from both Glasgow and Edinburgh and usually stay overnight at a Premier Inn before getting an early flight - saves a lot of hassle and worth it in the end..... I wont entertain flying from Heathrow or Gatwick but have flown from Manchester on last couple of holidays and this was a breeze!! Train from Glasgow/Edinburgh goes right into the airport, up in the lift then check into the Radisson...VERY comfortable and great breakfast if you have time!!  If not then they will provide you a snack i.e. coffees juice etc. In the morning its a 15 min walk into the airport along an internal corridor! I myself am able bodied, but I would recommend this to anyone who isnt as you dont have to walk far and staff at Manchester are helpful and friendly!! A great way to start a holiday !!! Stress free!! Hope this helps!

Hi jintkzy

While I do drive I don't go far & I would be totally stressed out trying to drive to the airport.  You would think we are in the back of beyond living in Scotland.  Like you I try to avoid London airports, last time 2017 wasn't so bad as I arranged to meet someone flying from Glasgow at nearly the same time so it was good to have company when we got there for our flight to Croatia.
Thanks for the tip on Manchester, I will make note of that.

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Hi Sheila,

Our Make Your Own Way Option is available if customers would like to use it. Some customers prefer to book their own flights because they can find cheaper options. Others prefer to use this because they want to stay on after our tour and do their own thing, or join two trips together.

Choosing this option simply means we take the cost of the flights off the total tour price, rather than it being at a discounted price.

Many thanks,
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