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An Unforgettable Antarctic Christmas
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Hello fellow Antarctic Adventurers,
I am delighted to be your Tour Manager on this remarkable trip.  It’s certain to be a Trip of a Lifetime for all of us.   ???
I'm looking forward to meeting you all in a week’s time.
Where to meet
The Aspire Lounge, T5
Whilst two of you are flying down from Edinburgh and Manchester, I may meet those of you checking in at Heathrow in the check-in zone.
If not, we’ll all meet up in the lounge.  (If you put a JY label on your hand-luggage it’ll be easy to spot your travel companions.)  Check your paperwork for the directions to it. 
Travel tips
3 copies of your passport (1 for each hotel and a spare)
High UV protection suncream (Factor 30+)
Lip salve with UV protection
Sunglasses with good UV protection
Adaptor plug (the European one with 2 round pins)
Camera, spare battery & charger, memory cards – lots of them!   ?❄️?
Luggage allowance
Luggage allowances are now being strictly enforced by all airlines.

Whilst BA allow more, LATAM (the domestic airline) is very strict about the weight of all luggage:
Hold/checked cases = 23kg max
1 piece of hand-luggage = 8kg max
For the domestic flights everyone is travelling in economy.
From the heat of Buenos Aires to the frozen depths of Antarctica, you need to pack wisely.
You’ll need a summer outfit for the couple of days in the city, then …
Layers, layers, layers
Dining: this isn’t a formal cruise so it’s not necessary to dress up for dinner, however you may like to pack a more dressy outfit for Christmas & New Year ?
There are laundry facilities on the ship.
Having the full weight allowance before you start means no room for any extras.  Leave a couple of kgs for souvenirs.  You may not be planning to buy anything but probably will...
* Please note: Antarctica has VERY strict quarantine laws, please ensure all footwear & outdoor clothing is clean and free of stones, seeds, mud, etc...  The ship’s crew will ensure this before we leave the ship for the land excursions.
Buenos Aires & Ushuaia: Argentine Peso
MS Midnatsol: officially Norwegian Krone
On the ship you will need to register a credit or debit card, then all extras will be charged to your cabin to be paid at the end of the cruise.  You can then choose to pay by card or cash.
You may want to take some US Dollars to exchange for local currency, although you will be able to use your debit card at ATMs.
Ensure you advise your bank that you will be away.
Optional excursion payment
If you haven’t pre-booked some/any of the trips I will be able to take payment once in Buenos Aires in US $
If you plan to use your mobile phone whilst away, if only for text messages, ensure you check with your provider that your phone is open to make calls from overseas.
This is just a note of some essentials as all of this information and more is in the documentation provided by Just You and Hurtigruten.
Happy packing,
Sarah  ?
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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your post - looking forward to seeing you again next week. VERY excited about this one!
Can’t believe it’s been 3years since we were in NZ together... time flies!  Smile
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Sadly my penguin emojis weren't compatible with this page, so ?? are appearing instead!
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Hi Sarah

Met you in Oz early this year. Wish I was on this trip as it seems amazing. Have a great time.

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