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America's Western Wonders
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I am thinking of going on this holiday on 19 September 2019, but have a few queries.

I understand that the first 14 days are with the America's Western Highlights trip.  What is the maximum number per group and when would you run as two separate holidays? 

Also I have noted comments on the forum about the coach being used and problems of one door with large groups - have these issues been addressed?

Presumably it is possible to book optional excursions before you go - if you do are the prices guaranteed?

Finally could you say how many are booked already on the Western Wonders and Western Highlights holidays.

Could you reply as soon as possible as hoping to book within the next few days.

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Hi wharole,

America’s Western Highlights and America’s Western Wonders are 2 modular tours. They are travelling together for the first 14 days, which is the America's Western Highlights’ itinerary. After this customers on the Highlights trip are flying home from San Francisco and customers on Wonders have another 4 days of travelling through California.

For 2019 there is a maximum allocation of 30 customers across both of the tours.

It’s possible to book optional excursions now and whatever is the price currently is the amount being charged. Prices may go up or down depending on exchange rate and rates from our suppliers.

There are currently 5 people booked on the Western Highlights tour and 10 people booked on Western Wonders.

Many thanks,
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