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Namibia October 2019
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(14/04/2019, 04:18 PM)Willpower Wrote: Hello to all Namibia October 2019 fellow travellers.  I have joined the tour and am really looking forward to another Just You experience (my 5th)
However I have been told that my booking in on hold until JY sort out a problem.

Apparently there are 6 men  & 6 women on the trip plus me and there is an accommodation shortage at one of the hotels. Twyfelfontein Country Lodge I believe.
I do hope it gets sorted out, but I suppose there is still plenty of time.  
Looking forward to meeting everyone Smile
Hi Willpower

I am in exactly the same situation as you, I am awaiting confirmation of my booking. Someone called me yesterday to say that they have been chasing for confirmation of a place at the lodge and still not heard anything. From what I was told all the places JY had allocated at the lodge have been filled and they are trying to get more places.  Not sure how that works out as I was told the maximum group size is 24 and it would seem only 12 people have been lucky enough to get places.  Hopefully when we do hear it will be good news, I'm feeling in holiday limbo at the moment.

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Hi Vicky

Just out of interest, what is the Living Desert Tour all about? We did not have this option when I did the Namibia trip in 2015.

Thank you and kind regards

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Hi Jaya,

The Living Desert Tour, is a unique 4x4 adventure drive through the nearby dunes to introduce you to the flora and fauna that survives in the inhospitable landscape Smile

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Hello to everyone who has replied t o my message.   I also contacted Customer Services regarding this situation that we all seem to find ourselves in.  I was told the same story i.e  that JY had used up it's allocated spaces and that at the moment there was no solution.
I was offered a place with a Travelsphere holiday, however this was without a UK based tour guide. In other words a local guide. Personally I was not happy with that proposal and declined the offer.
What I have done is informed JY that I am prepared to wait (put on hold) my booking, in the hope that JY can sort this mess out. Apparently they are actively trying to resolve the issue, but it may take a couple of months.  As the holiday is not until October, I am hopeful that a solution can be found.   

Avocet64  I too am confounded that we are being told the tour was designed  for 24 travellers but it appears that we are no where near that number and yet JY have run out of accommodation. It just doesn't make sense..  
I also queried why if Travelsphere and JY are "Sister companies"  why some Travelsphere capacity cannot be moved across to JY.
If it is a case that the Hotel is fully booked as we are being told, and there are no more rooms, it indicates to me that JY did not in fact book enough rooms in the first place to cope with this tour.  

Sally MB    I know that everyones circumstances are different and what works for me might not for you. But I have explained what steps I have taken.  If you really desire to go on this tour at this time (October) then it may be worth you considering.
All in all an unsatisfactory situation. This will (hopefully) be my 5th holiday with Just You. I have never been let down before and I certainly hope that the company will make every effort to make this happen.  

A note to Vickie :  Please could you escalate this topic so that some determined consideration is given to the matter.  

Many regards to everyone.
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Thank you Vickie - how exciting. Wish we had this opportunity when I did the Tour in 2015!


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