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New Brochure
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I recently received your new brochure but have to say how disappointed I am with it , it's same old, same old !
No new city breaks, why not Washington DC , Seville or Prague ? How about Sweden & Denmark , loads to see there . I am not interested in long haul holidays to Africa , Asia & India , I want something nearer to home & NEW !

I would love to go on the holiday to Calabria but two things put me off - Stansted & Ryanair !!!

Come on Just You , wake up or you will lose customers, me for one !
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Hi Julie,

I'm really sorry to hear you're disappointed with the brochure. We think there are some fantastic new tours closer to home, including Colours of Holland, where you'll take a tour around Amsterdam and have a guided tour of Rotterdam.

We're also really excited to be visiting Georgia for the first time on our Undiscovered Georgia trip. Plus there are new walking holidays in the Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast, and the Lake and Peak Districts.

For Calabria, you can now choose our Make Your Own Way option and book your own flights and transfers if you prefer, or we can offer connecting flights.

We appreciate all feedback and I will pass this on to the team.

Many thanks,
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I agree & am also disappointed. Like you, I like short haul trips & going from Gatwick which is close by.

I wrote about this some time ago but it never got printed !

I have done about 12 holidays with JY so am running out of options & am too old to do walking holidays as you suggest.

I'd love to go somewhere in the Avignon / Rhone area, maybe a river cruise, Again there was no mention of these in the new brochure !
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