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Prague. Vienna and Budapest – Departure 13/06/2018
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My name is Caroline Godfrey and I am your Tour Manager for the “Prague, Vienna and Budapest” tour leaving on 13th June 2018.

I would like to say “Hello” to those of you travelling with me on this holiday.  

This is a truly lovely holiday.  I am sure you will return home having made many new friends, seen some amazing sights and with some beautiful memories.

I thought I would share some of my packing and travel tips for this holiday.


We will be using three different currencies during this tour. In Prague the Czech Crown.  In Budapest the Hungarian Forint and in Vienna the Euro. You may find it useful to bring some of each currency with you.  However, ATMs are widely available and credit cards are generally accepted. As breakfast and dinner are included you will need to budget for lunch, tea and coffee stops, souvenirs and any incidental expenditure you might need.


As a Tour Manager I use packing cubes which I find very convenient in separating out types of clothing and keeping my suitcase in order! Especially when we are staying in several different hotels.

Always try to keep your luggage weight a few kilos below your allowed limit in case you want to pick up some souvenirs.

The weather can be quite hot at this time of year so make sure that you pack a hat and some sunscreen.  Lightweight clothing will be beneficial. 

It is always a good idea to make sure that you pack a raincoat, or umbrella. 

For up to date information check the weather forecast on the internet before you leave.


Please make sure that you bring an adapter with you so that you can charge up your camera, phone, ipad etc.


On this Just You holiday there are two optional excursions. The river cruise in Prague can be booked in resort but the Strauss and Mozart concert in Vienna is prebookable only.

Food and Drink

Breakfast and dinner are included in the holiday.  Dinners are generally set meals which give us the opportunity to try out various kinds of local cuisine.


We have local guides in Prague, Vienna and Budapest.


Porterage is included in the holiday.  I will be providing you with a numbered label to help me accounting for the cases as we travel between hotels.


Please ensure that you bring enough medication for your stay.  


Tipping is common practice in most holiday destinations. If you feel you have received good service in a hotel, bar or restaurant or from a driver or local guide, you might want to say thank you be leaving a tip. Tipping is discretionary and how much you leave is entirely up to you, but as a guide £2-£3 per person per day is suggested by Just You in your holiday paperwork.


You will often be required to pay for toilets in European destinations, so you will find it useful to keep some coins handy for using the toilets.

Other Tips

It is always a good idea to keep a copy of your Passport.  Bring copies of your travel insurance.  If you're bringing prescription medications with you, remember to pack the prescription slip or a note from your doctor, in the event customs officials question you about the nature of the medicine.

To make a telephone call from Europe to United Kingdom, dial 00 44, followed by the phone number (dropping the first 0). Calls can be expensive.  Check with your mobile provider to see if they offer any special packages.

For those of you flying from Heathrow I look forward to meeting you at Check In or in the departure lounge. If I don’t see you at check in or in the lounge, please wait for me at the baggage carousel.

For those of you flying from Edinburgh and Stanstead you will be arriving earlier than the main group, please make your way to arrivals where you will find someone holding a “Just You” card or a card with your name on it, they will transfer you to the hotel and I will see you at 6.30 in the hotel reception area for our Welcome Meeting and then dinner.

I look forward to meeting you and wish you all a holiday to remember and a trip that will bring you many new friends.
Best Wishes
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Hello Caroline

Thank you for sharing your travel tips and advice.
My friend and partner in crime are travelling to LHR in the early hours Wednesday morning and will arrive there at approximately 5 am, so one of your first problems might be sending out a search party for us if we have fallen asleep. Don't worry that's a joke and not to be taken seriously!!
According to Julia we need to try Vienna's Sachertorte and it has to be at the Sachertorte Cafe !
Looking forward to this holiday and meeting you and the rest of the group.

Kind Regards
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Hi Caroline,

I am not on this tour but was in Budapest last September, Prague last week and am currently in. Vienna.  With regard to phone calls I have found that from every city calls to the UK cost no more than they would calling from your mobile at home to a UK number.

Toilets in Prague were 10Czech Kr; in Vienna they are 50 cents or even 1 Euro.  Can’t remember what they were in Budapest.

Last week in Prague it frequently hit 30C and yesterday in Vienna it was 33C.  It promises to be cooler from tomorrow, but not by very much.

Hope you all have a great tour.
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