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An Invitation to India April 2018
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(02/03/2018, 01:28 PM)Jo W55 Wrote:
(17/02/2018, 12:57 PM)AWebber Wrote: Ah - I didn't know that about Indian currency.  Thanks for passing on the information.  My bank is saying I should convert the money I wish to take to US Dollars.  I see that you recommend taking a mixture.  I'll probably do that then - rather than pay up to four conversion fees on any money I haven't used!!.
My vaccinations are all done now - so think I'm all ready to go!
Looking forward to meeting those of you on the trip.
Best wishes,
Hi Andrew
I was just going to take sterling. I've had conflicting responses from Just you about how to pay for the excursions? When I spoke to someone on the phone they said to pay in local currency but on here it says to pay in sterling?
Anyway it's getting closer - excited but nervous. I've booked my hotel (For when we return) and parking.
Did you say the the Just you rep will meet us at Heathrow?


I think I'm going to book the excursions before I leave home. Have you had rabies injections?
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(09/02/2018, 04:13 PM)Hils Wrote: Hi Marypamela,

I am going to India for the 4th time (this time with another travel company!). I am away for nearly 3 weeks, and I won't have the same number of meals included as you will. As a guideline, I work on £50 per day. You will need money for tips - Tour Managers (£2-£3 per day), and then you will also have the local guide, the bus driver, and possibly a busboy too! Your porterage with JY will be included so you don't need to tip whoever takes your case to your room.

On the whole India is cheap, but wine is expensive (£35 per bottle approx!). It is up to you how much you spend on souvenirs etc. - over the years I have tried to cut down and am now a fridge magnet fan. However, you will certainly be tempted in India. As so many of our clothes in the UK are made in India, it is cheaper to buy in India! Check the sizing though, it tends to be on the small side!

As you probably know by now, Indian rupees are a closed currency, and you can therefore only really get them in India. When I did the JY Kerala trip last year, a money-changer came to the hotel. For my trip I am taking a mixture of Sterling and US Dollars.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much.
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(22/12/2017, 11:26 AM)Julia Wrote: Hi Marypamela,

At the moment there are 20 travellers booked on this date

In terms of money, budgeting is a very personal thing. About half of your meals are included on this trip, so you'll need to budget for food. You should only drink bottled water but this is very cheap and some hotels have a complimentary bottle or two in the hotel room that you can take out with you.

There are some opportunities to buy souvenirs, so it depends on whether you are a postcard and fridge magnet shopper or prefer some of the more decorative items like marble figurines. I have recently returned from India and was shocked at how far my money went... but then I'm a fan of the fridge magnet!

In terms of vaccinations, we would advise you to speak to your GP or practice nurse prior to travel - they have the most up to date information as to what you need based on your medical history. I tend to speak to my practice nurse about 2 months before I travel. You can also review the Fit 4 Travel website which is useful.

I hope you have a wonderful experience in India,

Kindest regards,


Thank you very much
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