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Just a few tips for anyone heading of to Madeira. 

It has a unique airport. Don't be surprised if fellow passengers give the pilot a round of applause upon landing.  Anyone who has been there knows what I mean. The runway has mountains one side, the Atlantic on the other, and the main highway underneath. 

If you are thinking of heading off on one of the Levada walks. Even though they are unique and wonderful, they are not for the feint of heart. 
Take a light mac with you. A brolly will be no good as you may need your hands free. Even though Funchal in the south of the island enjoys a temperate climate nearly all year around, its very different up in the mountains where the levada walks take place. Temperatures can drop to single figures, and it can be damp, cold, wet and muddy, it will be the last walk any pairs of socks go on so wear an old pair you don't mind throwing away. 

Oh and don't forget to try the local poncha. Its considered rude if you don't.  Wink

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