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St Lucia 10 May 2016
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My name is Caroline and I am the Tour Manager for the “St Lucia Island in the Sun tour” leaving on 10th May.
I would like to say “Hello” to those of you on this holiday.  With only a week to go I am sure that everyone is looking forward to it.
I thought I would share some of my packing tips
Always try to keep your luggage weight a few kilos below your allowed limit in case you want to pick up some souvenirs.
As we travel around St. Lucia, taking in the sights, it is important to be comfortable. Choose clothing that will not be restrictive, or draw in heat. Light-weight, light-coloured clothing made from natural fibres will be our best option e.g. linen shorts and cotton t-shirts, combined with comfortable shoes. Dresses and skirts are fine for the days when you are participating in less strenuous activities or doing some shoppingIt is a good idea to keep swimwear for the beach, beach bars and hotel pools and to cover up when walking around public areas.
At night it all smartens up and for eating out, ladies tend to wear short summer sundresses take a pashmina too, as just after a downpour it cools very quickly but only temporarily. Men wear long trousers and short-sleeved shirts (no t-shirts).
Though St. Lucia is a tropical paradise, there are times when the sun disappears, opening up the skies to rain clouds and cold fronts. Pack a jumper or wrap, as well as a raincoat, or umbrella. 
The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar - written EC$. It's pegged to the US dollar at US$1 to EC$2.70. You can pay for most things in US dollars as well as EC dollars, though you'll be given change in EC dollars.  Some things, such as food and drink in hotels, are quoted in US dollars. Cash points issue EC dollars.
Do bring US dollars, because you will most often (but not always) get better value spending in US dollars than in East Caribbean dollars. You cannot easily get US dollars on the island.  Major credit cards are also widely accepted.
Most electrical sockets in hotels take three-pin, square UK-standard plugs - British travellers don't usually need adaptors.
Staying Healthy
To avoid being bitten it is a good idea to bring insect repellent with you.  Something that can be plugged in your hotel room is always a good idea as well as something that you can put on when you are outside (either a bracelet repellent, wipes or repellent lotion).
The importance of suntan lotion cannot be stressed enough. Bring a lot, apply it before you leave your hotel in the morning, and keep reapplying throughout the day. A lip balm with SPF is a great idea as well. If you do happen to get burned, after sun lotion will help soothe and heal.
Food and Drink
I always drink bottled water (even when cleaning my teeth) and avoid ice in my drinks. Although tap water in hotels is usually safe to drink it doesn’t suit everyone.
Rodney Bay is full of people from all over the world and the restaurants reflect the diversity. You will find a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Italian, French, and local cuisine, in a small area. For this reason (and the beach), Rodney Bay is a good place to be based in St Lucia.
St Lucian food consists mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and a variety of curry, jerk, rice and stewed dishes. The coal pot is a delicious stew, traditional to native carib cultures and can be found at many local restaurants. We will have the opportunity to sample different cuisines and restaurants.
Other Tips
It is always a good idea to keep a copy of your Passport.  Bring copies of your travel insurance.  If you're bringing prescription medications with you, remember to pack the prescription slip or a note from your doctor, in the event customs officials question you about the nature of the medicine
I look forward to meeting you at Check In or in the Executive Lounge at Gatwick.
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I am not on this tour, but it's great to see a TM posting information before hand...I wish more TM would engage.

Have a great tour stay safe and have fun

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I did this holiday last November, I cannot add any more to Caroline's post except to say the hotel supplied
beach towels and safes free of charge.
It's a really lovely holiday with very interesting tours, we got to know the Island had fun on
the catamaran and the pirate ship and there is plenty of time to relax on the beach as well.

Thank you Caroline.

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Man thanks for the information. I am booked on the November trip so it is very useful.

Lesley RK
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