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My health
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Hi, it is my first time on this community forum and I have one particular question, should I ever choose a JU holiday.

I notice that there are excursions on the holidays which are optional, but included in the price.  I don't know what time most of them start, but I suffer from insomnia and really don't want to be getting up on holiday before 10am or even later, as if I don't get enough sleep I feel absolutely ghastly.
If excursions start before 11am, I am going to be missing them or coming on them feeling terrible, and I feel that if I can't do them, I am not only wasting money but actually not seeing that much!

My previous holidays for years have been tailor-made by me, for me and my previous partner who walked off last October... accommodation was cheaper by choice, but by hiring a car, and with him driving (I cannot drive long distances also due to my health) we covered an awful lot of ground in a week or two, and I didn't have to start until 11am or so.  I know it is impossible to expect JU to cater for everyone and specifically for an insomniac, but would there be some/all afternoon or late morning starting excursions please?
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Hi buggyboo,

Here at Just You we try to arrange our holidays so you can discover the most of the destination you're visiting. This does come with early morning starts, especially on our touring holidays. As always, you can opt in or out of an excursion as we wouldn't like to force you to do anything you wouldn't be comfortable with, but it would be extremely difficult to rearrange the tour and still fit everything in.

May I suggest taking a look at our Escape holidays. Although there may be some early starts, they are more relaxed in terms of excursions and have more time for you to explore independently.

Do you have a holiday in mind at the moment? If so, I will be able to take a look at the excursion start times and let you know.

Kindest regards,
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Hi buggyboo.

Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear about your health problems.  As Monty says the Explore and Discover holidays are full on.  In Burma we had a 4 am start on one day and 6 am was a lie in.  However the escape holidays are more relaxed and you might like to look at the Cilento Spa holiday which sounds really laid back and has a lot of facilities at the hotel.  If you search the Review section on the forum one of the members will have written one.

Good luck with finding a holiday.
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Health can prove to be a problem.  I have a back problem and have to get up half an hour before everyone else to do exercises to get me moving for the day.  This is my choice.

So far every holiday I have been on with JY and other singles travel companies, and I have done about 9 in all,  has involved a pre-10.00 am., often a pre-9.00 a.m. start unless it has been a free day.

That does not man to say that there aren't some that start later.  Let me know if you find one - I would love to know about it.

Hope you find something suitable.

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Hi after taking more than a dozen holidays with the company, I can vouch for what Monty has advised.  A touring holiday would definitely not be for you - on most of them we move on either every day or every other day and usually we would leave at 8.00am and sometimes earlier.  An Escape holiday might suit you, where you would be in the same resort for a week and then could choose whether to get up early on certain days to join the excursions or not.  JY is a great company - they believe in giving value for money which means the itineraries are busy but on an Escape tour you could pretty much choose to do as little or as much as you wanted - you would be missing out if you did opt out of a lot of the excursions however!

Hope this helps,

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If you are looking at a touring holiday with JY, I have done 11 the days out start early I have never started an excursion as late as 11.00am, so if it's a holiday where you want to see many things then I would suggest you post which holiday your interested in and see what those that have been on the tour say. We are a honest bunch on here and can tell you for fact what the tour excursions times are and what they are about, I do know from all the tours I have been on there is much walking and getting on and off coaches. Any other questions just ask.

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Hi Buggyboo.

Huge sympathies on your insomnia problem. 

I think that everyone is right that one of the Escape holidays would be right for you. 

They are the ones that I tend to go for to be honest mainly because of the relaxing aspect.  I can personally recommend the Cilento Coast Spa Escape, (although I haven't been since the Spa was finally finished). 

The Costa de la Luz all inclusive is also a very relaxing holiday.  The only long trip is to Seville.

Good luck with finding something that will suit you.
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Thanks so much Monty and everyone for your kind and helpful replies. I shall have a look at the Escape holidays and Cilento Spa. Ideally I would just book my own holiday with a friend but this hasn't come about yet... I do see that I would be missing out by not feeling up to the excursions, not only in sightseeing and money-wise but in terms of the company I would also have paid for!
I think I am best with a hire car on an ordinary holiday and doing my own thing and chatting to the locals or other holidaymakers on a campsite!
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