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Spirit of India April 2016
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(05/01/2016, 02:23 PM)Chrissie55 Wrote: Hi

I am thinking of making my first Just You hoilday the Spirit of India in April.  Can you tell me if anyone else has booked?



Hi Chrissie
Just to let you know, just like you I booked Spirit of India as my first every Singles holiday and my first holiday with JY.
The holiday was everything I dreamed it would be.  I felt very comfortable on the holiday, or rather trip, just for your information there is not much down time. Its busy, exhilarating and wonderful. 
Everyone on the trip was fantastic, from the rep to fellow travellers. 
We all looked out for each other. People mixed all the time. Its a fantastic way to see the world.. Have a great time. Alex
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(27/02/2016, 09:20 AM)Corril Wrote:
(25/02/2016, 10:12 PM)Genie-p Wrote: Hi! I have just returned From this trip and can confirm it is possible to do both trips. The school is well worth going to - they are very grateful for books, pens etc or you can leave a donation. When you see the 2 classrooms and kitchen I am sure your heart will go out to them as ours did.
We did not see any tigers but one group did spot a leopard. An independent guy staying at the hotel at the same time did spot a couple of tigers. It's just the luck of the draw. Good luck.

You must have had a wonderful time, any other hints or tips will be welcomed eg footwear, clothes, food, drink (non-alcoholic/alcoholic), hotels, etc 

Hi Linda, I was on the same trip as Genie-p 
Foot wear- Light weight shoes/trainers or walking style sandal, your feet get dusty where ever you go. 
I and few other wore Flit-flop style thong sandals (sturdy flip flops if that makes sense) without any issues expect for Safari & Varanasi,
If you have space in you luggage a closed in pair of trainers that you don't mind throwing away after Varanasi (or take an old nail brush and scrub the soles after, which is what I did) I think our tour guide said what goes to Varanasi Stays in Varanasi- its very fragrant there)
Plus you will be climbing onto/off boats so they need to be secure. 
Clothing - Laundry is very cheap and efficient at all hotels, only use the service if you are staying two night. Put it in as soon as you arrive and then you'll have it back in plenty of time before you move on. 

Ranthambore- Light weight trainers, a light weight jacket or fleece as you are in open topped vehicles, its a bit chilly before the sun comes up. and very very dusty.
Drink- Wine in a few of the hotels was expensive by the time you add on the service and Luxury tax, especially the Marriott in Jaipur (if you stay there), around 8-9GBP a glass-its some time cheaper to share a bottle and take it to your room, then bring it back the following evening.
DO NOT try and sneak a bottle through Khajuraho airport either in your case or hand luggage.  IT WILL be confiscated, luggage is x-rayed before you enter the terminal. 
Food -All the Hotels served western style breakfast. omelets, cereals toast fruit etc. and most had great selection for the evening meals- the only place that did not have a huge selection in the evening was Ranthambore -Treehouse which was mostly very mild Indian dishes, still good food. You will not go hungry on this trip. I don't have a very adventurous palate with regards to Indian food and had no issues at all.  
Tissue and wipes- most toilet facilities we came across supplied toilet paper- the attendants give you toilet paper and paper hand towels for 10 Rupee (10p) to use a toilet, not a bad price, so plenty of toilet money needed - Except on the train. Make sure you have tissues etc for the train journeys.       
 You will have a great trip. xx
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(29/02/2016, 01:56 PM)Chrissie55 Wrote: Hi
Brillant if you could give us some tips.  What did you do about money is it better to UK pounds or US dollars?

Change Sterling at the airport into Rupees on arrival, keep your receipt, as you must produce this if you have any currency left over, so you can change it back before leaving the country. Its a closed currency (cant bring it out), You can't use Rupee in Duty free, having said that you can use Rupee in the coffee shops air side (after immigration) 
Hotels will also change sterling. 

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Thanks so much for the information /guidance, all prepared with appropriate items etc, soon be time for the April 2016 trip pleased a bank holiday follows as it sounds as if we'll need a good rest !! and of course time to digest the memories.....looking forward to meeting everyone soon 
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