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Travelling from Dublin
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Hi, I've never travelled with Just You before and have a few questions. Firstly, where do I find the times of flights? I'm looking at Tuscany for September. Is it possible to arrange my own flights? To fly direct from Dublin to Pisa wouldn't cost me very much more than having to fly to Gatwick to connect with included flight, and possibly having to stay in a hotel overnight on either leg of the journey, depending on flight times. Any advice appreciated. Many thanks.
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Hi Fizz,

You can get a guide of the flight times by taking the following steps...
1. find the tour you are interested in
2. click on the 'departures' tab
3. select your preferred airport from the drop down

Once this is done, provisional flight details will be provided under each departure date. Please note these are strictly provisional times are are subject to change.

I would recommend that you speak with one of our Holiday advisors as they may be able to look at alternative travel arrangements for you that are not listed in the brochure (or online). I can arrange for someone to contact you by email/phone if you would like?

Kindest regards,

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Hello, Fizz

Bob Gray (BGray) lives in southern Ireland (not sure if it's Dublin) and travels up to Belfast, flies over to London and joins the group there. If he sees this thread he may be able to give you some advice based on his own experience.

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Hi Ann and Fizz!

I'm from Dublin and live in the sunny south-east! I get JY to book me connecting flights from Belfast to link up with the main tour party in London. It's an extra 3 hours onto my journey, but I think it's worth it to ensure that if anything goes wrong JY will know about it and are obliged to sort it out (seeing as they booked the flights, not me!).

On my very first JY hol, I booked connecting flights from Dublin myself but it went disastrously wrong - first of all, the time of the UK departure was changed by Easyjet, so I had to rebook my Dublin flights and book overnight accomodation at short notice. On the way back, there was a lightning 24 hour national strike in Spain and Malaga airport was closed, so the whole tour party had to drive to Madrid and fly from there. The tour manager was brilliant and booked me new flights from Heathrow to Dublin (which she probably didn't have to do) but because I'd booked the original flight from the UK to Dublin rather than JY, I had to pay for the new flight which cost me an extra €260!

I know I was unlucky and possibly I could book my own flights from Dublin and all would be fine, but I prefer the inconvience of driving to Belfast (I have friends I can stay with overnight when needed, so I'm lucky that way) rather than missing my connection in London and ruining the holiday. If you book your own flights e.g. Dublin to Pisa and anything went wrong you'd be on your own - I'd prefer to have the safety net of the tour manager being on hand - and also a lot of bonding between the travellers happens at the airport, so you would miss out on that as well!

As far as I'm aware, JY can only book connecting flights that originate in the UK, which is why they can book me flights from Belfast but not Dublin. It adds extra travelling time onto my holiday and some extra expense, but as far as I'm concerned it is all worth it so I can enjoy the best holidays I've ever had!

I hope this is helpful, I know it's all a bit complicated and hard to follow but I hope you understand what I mean. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to try to answer them.

Best wishes,

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Thanks for the responses. Julia, not sure what dates I can go yet so will contact the office when I know. I have checked the Departures section for details but it just shows the flight goes from Gatwick - but to book flights to go from Dublin to link up with this flight I need the times and still can't see this info. I take Bob's point about booking connections through JY - probably less hassle in the long run but i just thought flying direct from Dublin would save me time, and not cost a lot more. I;ll look into it all a bit more when I firm up on my holiday dates. Thanks to all.
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