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Italy Temperatures
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I would like to travel to Italy, but do not like too much heat, can you give me a guideline of the best time of year to visit please?
Jonathan Moore
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Hi Jonathan,
Many thanks for your query. I hope this information is helpful to you, I’ve put information about the south and north of Italy, as the weather can vary between them.

Summer, July & August, is hot, especially in the South. Spring and Autumn are usually mild, often with fine sunny weather but not always. These months can be very changeable/unpredictable with showers and storms too. Weather from October to March is wintry and you should expect conditions similar to the UK, especially in the north. As the majority of our resorts are in hilly areas, especially in Tuscany, the temperatures are usually cooler than lowland areas, especially during the evenings.
Clothing for the Spring, Autumn and Winter should definitely include warm clothes as the evenings are usually cool and these changeable months may well mean the days are cooler and wetter than expected for the Mediterranean. Please remember it is always easier to shed warm clothes if you need to than to add those you don't have. In many areas of Italy strict regulations apply as to the periods when heating facilities may be used in all public places such as schools, hotels etc, which may mean that inclement weather during usually warm times of the year cannot always be rectified by the use of heating.
Comfortable shoes are recommended, as there can be lots of walking on some excursions.
Please note most areas of Italy suffer from Mosquitoes during warm weather, usually in the evenings, so it is advisable to take insect repellent with you.
The average high and low temperatures for Italy are shown below.

Northern Italy:
Month High Low
Jan 5°C 0°C
Feb 6°C 2°C
March 11°C 5°C
April 15°C 10°C
May 19°C 12°C
June 25°C 16°C
July 30°C 19°C
Aug 29°C 19°C
Sept 24°C 17°C
Oct 19°C 12°C
Nov 9°C 5°C
Dec 5°C 0°C

Southern Italy:
Month High Low
Jan 14°C 7°C
Feb 15°C 8°C
March 16°C 9°C
April 20°C 10°C
May 22°C 14°C
June 28°C 18°C
July 30°C 20°C
Sept 25°C 18°C
Oct 20°C 14°C
Nov 18°C 8°C
Dec 15°C 7°C

Have a great time in Italy, it’s a wonderful country whatever time of year you decide to visit.

Elaine, your editor
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