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hotel blues
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I was looking forward to booking lake garda in september when i looked on trip advisor about one of the hotels you use on lake garda. it was adria, when i googled trip advisor it said that it is opposite a church and the bells ring all night and the lady got no sleep!not what you want on holiday, the other hotel had great reviews, can you help me here as its putting me off booking in case we end up bell ringing all night!


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Hi Hilary,

Thanks for your message,
Sorry this has taken so long for me to resolve, I have looked into this and my collegue has personally spoken to the Hotelier of Hotel Adria and has found a few answers for your enquiry.....

There are bells that ring next to the hotel, but not during the night. Which is great news! They start ringing at 7.00am (good wakeup call!). Unfortunately St Peters and Pauls church bells are just a traditional part of village life. Apparently this has only affected a small number of clients and the hotel now provides earplugs if requested.

I hope this isn't too worrying for you or has put you off booking as all of our Just You clients have had nothing but positive feedback for this tour. Obviously, we want you to have the best possible time on your holiday. If I can help you in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Cheryl, your editor
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