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Robert Sharp - Tour Manager
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Hi Cheryl
Do all Tour Managers check to see if there are any e-mail messages posted on the Community site. I am travelling to China on 22nd Sept and there appears to be a bit of conflicting advice re Maleria tabs. My practice nurse has told me to take them and another guest on the site seems to think it is not neccessary, I just thought that Robert would be very upto date with this sort of info.
Best Wishes
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Hi Christine

Thank you for your message

Not all tour manager use the Just You message board but I'm sure if Robert sees the message he will reply to it, its entirely up to the individual if they do so.

With regards to your question on Malaria tablets, listening to everyone’s advice can get very confusing especially when traveling to a different county, people have many different experiences and different stories to tell. With regards to your health I would advise listening to your practice nurse, as he/she will always have the most up to date information.

Hope this helps

Kind regards

Cheryl, your editor
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