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Easy Jet Flights
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Ive just been reading some of the posts you've made about fellow travellers who check in at the same time nearly always end up sitting together on the plane. I like this idea but i was wondering if that applied to Easy Jet flights?

I'm travelling to Malta in October 09, and i've read on Easy Jets website that they run a pre booking service (where you pay extra to board 1st and choose your seat) and after that it's a first come first seated basis. If you are the last on the plane, you get whatever seat is remaining!

So, i'm just wondering if JY have any kind of seating arrangments with Easy Jet, or wether we follow their seating rules?

Diane x
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Hi Diane
Thanks for raising this question. The situation is a little different with easyJet as we don't have any special boarding arrangements with them, although the airline does offer the option of paying a surcharge and boarding the plane first.
Personally, my strategy when flying with easyJet or Ryanair is to sit as close to the gate as possible then start queueing once the cabin crew take their positions for boarding. This should give you a good choice of seats.
Kind regards,
Olly, your editor
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