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Bulgaria's Black Sea Riviera
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Hi Olly,
This is my first JY trip and being an "All inclsive" I am unsure what to take regarding local currency requirements, and clothing.
Any suggestions?
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Hello Robert, even though you are on an all-inclusive holiday, it is still wise to take some local currency, perhaps to tip members of staff, to buy presents, snacks, small things like that. In Bulgaria, the currency is the Bulgarian Lev, and it works out at about 2 Leva to the British pound.
As for clothing, you will definetly need to pack shorts and t-shirts as you will be enjoying temperatures of 20-25 degrees celcius. It is a good idea to also pack some thin trousers and long sleeved tops for the evening meals and evening leisure. This is for when the temperature cools a bit in the evening, and also because shorts are usually banned from dining rooms.
I hope this information has been helpful and if you have any further questions then feel free to message me.

Kind regards

James, your editor
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