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Yangtze Cruise
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What if any excursions are inluded/optional on this cruise? Are there any onboard activies available? Also, do Justyou require paasports to make Chinese visa applications, and how long does the process take. I have several trips abroad planned for which I would obviously need my passport.

What sort of time is inv
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Good morning,

Thank you for getting in touch; visits to the Shenong River and the Ghost City are included, the ship offers an optional visit to somewhere call the White city. There are also included talks on board about Ty Chai and Pearls, there are other talks but these are operated by the ship and change on a regular basis.

In respect of Visa's, we only need your passport if you have a connecting flight to the main departure airport, are on an extended stay or there are not enough fellow travellers to apply for a group visa. You will be advised of this in plenty of time; if we do require your visa, we will need it for approximately 28 days.

I hope this helps,



If clients have to send in their passports, we would need their passports for approx 28 days.
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