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Spirit of India - Tourist tiger ban
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I understand the Indian government has put a ban on tourists going to the tiger reserves which is really disappointing and would have been one of the highlights of the holiday for me. I was just wondering, and I know it is early days yet, but if the government do not withdraw the ban, would JY consider adding something else to the holiday instead, for example an up close encounter with elephants? I want to book up for next March but don't want to do this until I know what is happening.
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Good afternoon Jan,

Thanks for getting in touch, our customer services department have been issuing the following statement -

Unfortunately, on Wednesday 25 July, the Supreme Court of India unexpectedly decided to place a ban on all tourism to tiger parks in India.

Our understanding is that they would like to see the numbers of tigers increase and that they have taken this decision beacause they believe it will help.

As you might have seen from the news coverage, not everyone agrees that this is the right decision. There is another hearing on August 22, when it's very possible that the ban will be lifted.

The argument being made is that tourism provides vital funds for the protection of tigers and other endangered animals, as well as supporting local communities and families.

As the situation is changeable, we will be monitoring what's happening very closely and keeping in close touch with our suppliers and agents in India.

At this stage, we are hopeful that none of our holidays are going to be be affected and that all of our tours will run exactly as per our brochure decriptions.

If changes do become necessary, we'll obviously let our customers know immediately and then provide the very best alternative options we can.

If we have to make major changes or even cancel a holiday, then customers will obviously be entitled to a full refund in line with our booking conditions.


I hope this helps,


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