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South Africa Explorer - 27 September 2012
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Just doing some planning for my trip in September and wanted to check the price of some excursions. In the 'Ask your Editor' section on 4/1/12 Olly quoted some excursion prices from 2011 as a guage to what the 2012 prices might be. The prices for this year represent a slight increase as you would expect but the costs of the Elephant Whispers trips (see below) are vastly different. Please can you advise.

Interaction only 2011 £48.00
2012 £113.00
Ride and Interaction 2011 £79.00
2012 £147.00

Very much looking forward to the holiday.

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Good afternoon Madeline,

After feedback from previous travellers we have, for this year, changed our supplier in regards to the above excursions and this has resulted in a price increase but will also raise the standard of the experience for travellers. The tour managers are in negotiations to get the price reduced so it may be cheaper for when you make it to resort, but this is not guaranteed. Negotiations are ongoing, if you would like to ask me again in a few weeks, I will let you know if there have been any developments,

I hope this helps,


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