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India Christmas 2008
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Am considering India for Christmas but need to know the following.........
Length of flight
dress/casual or formal
Also anyone else going?

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Hello Kathleen,
Apologies for my reply being longer than 24 hours. As stated, weekends do take a little longer as I dont work every weekend.I have gathered all the information requested....

The length of the flight from London Heathrow to Delhi is approx 9 hours.

You have picked a great time to travel to India. Apparently the wether in the summer is unbearably hot! Winter is dry, warm and sunny.
Average temperatures are as follows:
Delhi 24-28 degrees, sunny
Agra 20-24 degrers, dry and warm
Jaipur 15-24 degrees, bright and sunny
Evenings can get a little chilly especially in Jaipur, so be sure to take a couple of cover ups.

The dress code in all hotels is casual, but I would pack a few smart items for any exclusive restaurants you may visit.

Essential vaccintaions for your visit are:
Hepatitis A
Yellow fever (may require a certificate of vaccination)

Please ask your doctor about the following vaccinations that are 'sometimes reccommended':
Hepatitis B
Meningococcal menigitis
Japanese B encephalitis

You will need a India Visa, we can sort this for you at a cost of £47.50. Please ring our customer service department on 0870 252 8111 for more information.

This trip has a capacity of 14 people and is filling up fast so it is sure to be an experience. I hope this information has been of use to you. If you need anything else, please to not hesitate to ask.

Warm regards

Cheryl, your editor

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Brilliant, thank you so much. I am very interested in the trip but a bit dubious about going single. What hours can I make a booking?
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Hi again Kathleen,

I understand that booking for the first time is very scary so if you have any other questions you want to ask me before you decide, please do not hesitate to get in touch. That is what I am here for!

Regarding your booking query, you can either book online which you can do anytime of the day or night by selecting your holiday using the holiday search and clicking on the 'book now' button on the right of the tour page. This will take you through the stages of booking allowing you to select any extras or add-ons available. Your confirmation will then get sent to you in the post.

Alternatively you can call our booking line on 01858 581980.
This office is open...
I hope this helps. Do stay in touch and let me know what you decide to do.

Warm wishes

Cheryl, your editor

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