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Weather for China and Hong Kong at Christmas.
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Hi Ben,

Please can you advice me on the weather situation for the China and Hong Kong trip at Christmas this year if possible please.

No idea what to expect esp on things like snow and temps.

Also why Im here,another queston Blush How long is the flight back from Hong Kong and is there a stop inbetween to break the journey?

Many Thanks in advance Thumbs Up

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Good morning Sharon,

Thanks for getting in touch Smile

I am pasting below an excerpt from our information we send to our customers when they've booked, I hope this will help. Regarding the current status in China re. weather and flooding, we monitor it everyday and take FCO advice, to date none of tours or their components are affected.

Climate & Clothing
Casual dress is the most appropriate clothing throughout this holiday; we recommend layers of clothing as it can be chilly in the early mornings and late at night.

All our China tours require you to be fairly fit as you walk a fair distance due to the amount of sightseeing included. We suggest you take a comfortable pair of walking shoes/boots, sun cream, sunglasses and a hat. We would also suggest you take a small rucksack to carry drinks etc.

Winter months - October to mid March
Travelling to China during the winter months is ideal as you will avoid the usual crowds. However, please remember that you will need to wrap up warm by wearing several layers of clothing to combat the cold, as much of your time will be spent outside, sightseeing. You will need to take with you a winter coat, hat, gloves and warm comfortable footwear.

Spring months - mid March to mid May
The climate in China during the spring months is pleasant and sunny with daytime temperatures averaging 50-60ºF. However, you will need to take with you a lightweight waterproof jacket in case of the odd rain shower and also a warm sweater/ jacket to wear in the evenings.

Summer months - mid May to September
The climate in China during the summer months will be quite hot, with daytime temperatures reaching the upper 80’s we recommend that you take with you lightweight clothing.

In respect of flight times, it is a direct flight back from Hong Kong to Heathrow, with a flight time of around 11.5 hours,

I hope this help,


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Hi Ben,

Many Thanks on your advice on the weather and flight times Thumbs Up
You have been a great help again.
Very happy on the flight back from Hong Kong as I was worried it be about 13 hours,so thats took a few hours off the journey.Blush

Also great to see another person on here wanting to do the China/Hong Kong tripSmile

Thank you very much!
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