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Insect repellent on Route 66
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Hi Ben,
I was going to ask this question on the new section for travel tips, but it appears to be mainly lists of 'holidays I have known & loved'..... A few good tips i.e. on currency etc. but nothing to cover what I need.

Therefore can you tell me please - will it be necessary to take insect repellent on Route 66, the trip starting on 3rd September?

Also, have you any idea as to how much currency I should take? I have already paid for 4 of the optional excursions but others have to be paid for locally. Of course, there will be meals to buy - plus I have the shopping gene. So an indicator of how much to take would be really helpful. I will take credit & debit cards but I would also like to know how much in the way of dollars would be a good start.

Be happy,
Best wishes,
Lesley Angel
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Good morning Lesley,

It is well worth putting this post in the Traveller tips section as people may just not have thought to start a thread like this yet but I'm sure you will get a response if you take the initiative Smile

Insect repellent - Honestly, I don't go anywhere without it, its relatively inexpensive and always handy to have a bottle to hand nearby.

Money - Well, this is a difficult one for me! again previous customers will I'm sure, be able to offer some sound advice. If you are taking Debit and Credit cards also, then I personally would take around $200 in cash with the view to using cash machines whilst there should I need but please bare in mind having never done this tour I cannot guarantee this will be enough! Especially with all the fantastic shopping opportunities! Again, please re post this in the travellers tips section, it will be interesting to hear other travellers views,


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Hi Lesley,

I've been to the States many times and when meals other than breakfast are not provided I tend to take around $80+ per day.

Lunch - $20
Coffe/cake - $10
Dinner - $50

Dinner includes a few drinks (wine or beer) and some nights may be more expensive because its a restaurant others cheaper cos bar meal. Also includes some nightlife as a lot of places have a small cover charge.

Of course you may need more if intend to bring lots of presents back, but as a tight yorkshireman i don't, lol
(may get myself a souvenier T shirt).


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