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(05/06/2017, 07:01 PM)daphnemca Wrote:
(04/06/2017, 07:31 PM)Sue I Wrote: Hi to anyone who is going or has been to Borneo...
What is the best strength Deet to get for this destination?
I've read that there is a risk of Zika and dengue and I am a mosquito's idea of lunch Confused

I wouldn't use anything with Deet.  I use Incognito from Holland and Barrett - a repellant lotion, a hair and body shampoo and body lotion.  I always wear long sleeved t-shirts, long trousers, socks and a hat.  I bought a net for over my hat in Tresspass for a couple of pounds which came in handy on the many trips in the long boats in Borneo.

Thanks for the tip about the net!
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