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One essential item you take on tour(s)
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Hello everyone, 

I thought I start a new thread to ask, what do you take on your holiday that you find it most useful, no matter where you go?

I don’t mean the usual things like medicines, book, devices etc. but one item that you must pack to make your life easier away from home. 

I take an extension lead to charge my iPhone, iPad, and Fitbit HR at the same time. When I went to Australia - my first JY tour, I found there wasn’t enough time to charge three items individually using the same one adapter. You could charge any item through the night, but I prefer not to while I sleep if I am not at home. So the only solution for me was to take an extension lead to charge all three devices in one go. It makes my life easier as I know the devices will be charged and ready for me to use. I use Fitbit tracker to wake me up in the morning, and to remind me when to leave etc. I now take a small power pack and that needs charging too if I use it. 

So what is your ‘must pack’ item? 

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