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Ecuador & Galapagos
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Here's some info from Tour Manager Patrick Twomey for the upcoming Ecuador & Galapagos holiday on 11 March.  Useful for follow on travellers too: 
"Here are a few things to know/pass on (please): 
If  the flight arrives on time (you'll be tired) the airport is new and excellent, but far out of town (60 mins approx) and customs can be fairly slow.  When you arrive, walk slowly.  Quito is the second highest capital, but not so high as to fall ill, just be mindful.  Depending how long everything takes, we may do lunch around the hotel.  But I'd like to take you for a walk – I know you know this, but pass it on. 
It can rain! "Abril, llueve mil!" (April rains a 'thousand').  Obviously we're March but if you saw my last Chile blog, the climate is a mess everywhere.  We won't overdo it, but a nice settle in.  Eat lightly and all will be well.  The first few days are fun and easy.   
We'll probably take an overnight bag out to rainforest.  The duffles for Galapagos are not obligatory, but will make life easier.  Bring: water bottle (no single use plastic permitted on the islands), sunscreen, big hat, bug spray and a shirt to wear when swimming – it is so easy to burn!  We'll all share sun screen, etc.  I'll bring good sandals and a slightly more robust shoe, but not hiking boots.   
Quito is very safe, but pick-pockets abound – don't 'look' fancy.  US$ everywhere.  If you like imported booze, bring some.  If not local is fine.  It is not really a wine culture. 
I'm sure you've read my bits about Ecuador (  I am even considering buying in the south of the country.  I love the place.  The agents seem organised, and together we'll squeeze in a few more things.  I think the cable car the last morning. 
Hope that helps a little." 
Those travelling on Monday, see you then! 
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