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Tips please - Chile The Atacama to Patagonia and EI add on
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I've just been reading through the reviews trying  to glean tips for this holiday and  I have a few questions I would like to ask if anyone could help please.

Clothing - Layering seems to be order of the day + wet gear and footwear being hiking sandals and/or walking shoes with good grip, but what about evenings, how much opportunity is there in the busy schedule for smart casual, what would you recommend to take?

Toiletries - Good to see hair dryers are provided in all hotels but what about toiletries such as shower gel etc? The Icon in Santiago is the only hotel that mentions hair dryers and toiletries.

Money - It seems that most people mentioned they spent around £500, was that altogether or £500 cash plus use of cards? Excluding things like souvenirs what would you say is the average every day spend for coffee stops, evening meals etc?

Jewellery - If I buy anything this would be it. I know some of you bought jewellery, how do prices compare to the UK, I'm particulary interested in silver rather than gold, and where was the best place to buy?

Suitcase - Ladies, what size case did you take? Strange question I know, I'm looking to buy a new suitcase as I don't think either of the ones I've got (different sizes) will withstand the rigours of yet more baggage handling and there appears there will be rather a lot of  that on this holiday.

Any answers you can give to my questions and any other tips you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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