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Hi Sue,

I went to Borneo last May and thankfully the mossies weren't a problem!  I took 50% DEET - I don't think you can get 100% any more as it tends to dissolve anything it comes into contact with!  An alternative to consider is the Boots Light Fragrance repellent which doesn't contain DEET but is given a strength rating of 3 out of 4 (50% DEET has a 4 rating) and is now recommended for tropical destinations - it is easier on the skin and smells much better!  I've used it since and so far haven't had any problems.  The thing is to make sure you cover all exposed skin evenly rather than smearing it on quickly and to put it on about 15/20 mins after sun screen, to make sure the cream has been absorbed before you put the repellent on.  Best of luck!


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