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Hello Kezzer,

I did the original trip through Jordan, Sinai and Egypt back in October 2010. My very first JY tour. Had a wonderful time, learnt so much from the Jordanians and their way of life. Jerash was beautiful. Petra had been on my To Do list for so long, had also given me my first camel ride. Wadi Rum made an impact and it is only now that I have found out that my Grandfather knew Lawrence of Arabia. Sinai was before the troubles where they started taking hostages. The most I got was a load of bites to my legs- ? from the sandflies. All the pyramids including the Bent and steps plus Giza were beautiful. Been to both Memphis in Egypt and Tennessee Smile Went to the Egyptian Museum seeing Tutankamun's mask.

Three months later and it was the Arab Uprising where antiquities were stolen/ broken at the Museum. Life changed and I regret that as I would love to travel on the Nile to Luxor. I have no interest in going to Sharm el Sheik or Hurghada.

I guess it would be difficult to protect their customers if JY tried to put this trip together again.

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