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Hi Julie
I think I'm in the right place to talk to you!
Back at the beginning of August you suggested I contacted you around now to check if you now have the name of the Tour Manager for the New York trip on 19th September, and also whether they will be at Heathrow to greet us as I am very nervous about being there on my own.
I would also like some advice as to how many US dollars you think I will need for this short trip. I have absolutely no idea and I don't think meals are included so I will have to allow for them as well.
Also, while writing, I have booked to go to Oxford for Christmas with Just You which I did over the phone with Craig. He said that you don't charge for using a credit card to pay for the holiday, but when I received my confirmation, it says you do. Could you clarify this please. When I have booked holidays before through Thomas Cook, they charge for using a credit card, and as Craig said you don't, that is why I booked it directly through you.
Could you also let me know how and when I get notified that the balance is due and how I make that payment.
Sorry for all the questions, but I have only just started using Just You and am not sure how it all works!
Thanks so much, Pam Downing
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