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Appropriate clothing for trip to Holy Land with JY
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Hi Everyone,
I am really looking forward to JY visit to Holy Land in Sept.2012 and would love to hear experiences of fellow JYs who have been there.
As ever when visiting churches and places of worship, I shall be suitably covered. However, I am a bit unsure of what is acceptable to wear when walking around on trips as I have heard/been given a variety of info regarding this:
* have been told that shoulders AND arms must be covered and yet it is ok to wear short-sleeved t-shirt in public:
*was told ok to wear below-the-knee skirts; but that trousers must be long and not 7/8ths as ankles have to be covered!
* ok to wear strong walking sandals instead of shoes; but does this mean socks have to be worn with them to hide feet?

Perhaps dress code will not be so strict in our hotels.
Please help me pack correct clothing for my forthcoming holiday by sharing your Holy Land "dress" experiences!

With grateful thanks,

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