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Website not up-to-date
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Good afternoon,

I'm pleased the contact centre advisers could help answer your question, the way the websites work is that once a day around 6am we import all the dates, prices, etc into our database, this then doesn't get updated for another 24 hours due to the process taking around 8 hours to complete, this does mean that if a tour or date sells out during the next day, that reduction in availability will not be reflected on the websites until the next day, while I agree, its not an ideal system, its not usually a problem for tours with plenty of capacity but for tours that depart soon, or for cruises which are the exception also to this rule as they work differently(!) The websites are set up to, if availability is an issue, to display a form which allows you to fill in your contact details so a call can be returned to you and your requirements discussed with an adviser with access to live prices,

I hope this makes sense and sorry the websites weren't up to standard on this occasion,


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