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Aswel as ???
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Hi Monty

I'm not usually a picky person, nearly everyone makes spelling mistakes which are sometimes best ignored by others,  non of us are perfect, heaven knows I've made plenty in my time, they always jump out at me when it's too late to change them but, unless there's a modern day spelling in the English dictionary that I've missed, 'as well as' is spelt just like that.

Looking at the JY website for Calabria (I hadn't read it before, I'm a brochure person myself ), under the heading of Accommodation there is a nice write up about the hotel in which 'as well as' is spelt 'aswel as', not just once but three times.  Sorry, but on this occasion that's one spelling mistake that just screams out at me and doesn't look good, especially as the second paragraph begins with those words.  Any chance of getting it changed?  Not that I will be looking at it again, but others no doubt will.

Kind regards

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Hi Avocet,

Apologies. Thank you for flagging this to me. I have spoken to our web team and this will be correct as from tomorrow morning.

If you ever spot any other spelling errors, please don't hesitate to tell us.

Kindest regards,
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