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India Visa
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Just some information to anyone considering applying for an e-Visa online.

You are not allowed to apply for an e-Visa until  34 days before your arrival in India. The website will not allow you to proceed.

Having already obtained a photograph of the correct specifications from a booth inside my local Boots store. This needs to be scanned and saved on your computer ready to upload.  I had prepared a PDF of my passport to the exact requirements. (like the picture criteria, the PDF file size is very picky ) 
I then proceeded to the website to apply.

Everything went smoothly, but there were some unusual questions.   
Most unexpected,  Father & Mothers names and place of birth. Had to wrack my brains on the last bit.
And as previously stated some fairly searching questions about your current/previous employment details.
Also your past travelling history, i.e places visited in the last 10 years  ! ! ! ! and any travelling to South Africa.. ??

One point that puzzled me was the requirement for an Indian reference. For this I just used the address of the first Hotel we are due to stay in. This can usually be found on the Hotel's website.
The payment was simple and straightforward, using a Visa Debit card and came to a total of £44.78.  

I completed and submitted the form at 01:15am   16/3/16

At 12:58pm 16/3/16  (same day) I received e mail confirmation of a granted visa.   Now that is quick, as the website indicates a processing time of up to 72 hours.
I used the visa number given in the e mail, on the site above, to print a copy of the visa to be used for the trip. You must carry this with you, or expect to meet with some problems at your point of arrival.

All in all, a fairly painless procedure, completed a lot faster than I expected.

Hoping this might help someone who might be considering this method of getting a visa for India. 

Not long now  Big Grin
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